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Classic Style Weddings & Families

Photography Style Options


The classic wedding style focuses on quality over quantity. Together we will create images, posed and perfected, in order to capture key moments. I will use natural and commercial lighting to create dramatic images. The final product will be a surprising work of art.

*This style is recommended for clients who want fully retouched image prints or albums.


The classic family style is great for getting that traditional family portrait. Something you want hanging over the mantle. We spend time trying to capture that perfect shot. With smiles and happy faces galore. We will do a variety of poses and group shots with varied backgrounds. We’ll top it all off, with a few candids!

* Mostly natural light with a blend of portrait lighting techniques produce the best lighting possible. Beach portrait sessions will alway be about an hour before sunset

storytelling wedding style

Storytelling Style


Storytelling is the capture of a unique blend of spontaneous, candid, undirected and serendipitous photographic moments, mixed with some planned or posed moments. This “Story-telling Style” is about capturing events as they naturally happen. I will make suggestions or minor adjustments to help tell the story of your special day.

*Mostly natural light is used for these shoots, although commercial lighting is available as needed.


Documentary Style Weddings & Families


Raw, Real, and Ready to go!

This is true photo-journalism. All images are captured organically. You can just be yourself, and I will capture the rest.

*Natural light (use of flash only if absolutely necessary)


So you like to hike in the woods with your family. Or maybe its getting ice-cream after dinner, or going to the beach. Either way, you’ve always wanted to capture these fun times, for your sharing these simple pleasures. This will be a good choice for you. With mostly candid shots of you doing what you love to do, this style shows more of who you are and what you do. But of course we’ll do a few guided portrait poses at the end!

* Mostly natural light chosen for a specific time of day

little bohemian girl playing outside with teepee

Creative Style Sessions

Kids Teens and families:

This style comes with a $100 credit for ordering a final retouched print. Teepees, dream-catchers, or lemonade stands. These are creative styled portrait sessions. Together, we brainstorm ideas and concepts for your unique interests. If you desire, you might design and create your own unique costumes and props. Otherwise, I can create these for you, once we discuss ideas together.

*I will use special lighting techniques, or a set time of day, to best capture the ideal natural light we need for such sessions. For the mermaids and super-heros, these session styles represent a fairytale come true.

*This is a unique style of its own and the pricing is subject to change depending on how intense or involved you desire me to be, with the designing process and varied prop expenses.


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What is the difference between processed and retouched?

Processed images are exposure corrected, cropping, adjusting white balance, contrast, vibrance, other color corrections, lens corrections, clarity, and sometimes adding a filter that gives it a vintage look etc.

Retouched images are a step farther that usually include blemish removal, over all bump of color and contrast if needed more, eye enhancement such as removal of circles under the eye or brightening of the eye color. Possibly adding digital art effects. Slimming, make-up correction, removal of objects or head swaps are additional retouching options.

What I consider for the Processing step is the standard Retouching definition for most.
That is why not all of my processed files need the additional retouching that I offer. To keep the option of having all the images taken that are processes I had to break up the two because the retouching level requires much much more time to do. Since Im a visual person I did a few samples for you to see the difference.

I’ve always been an eclectic person. I can’t seem to settle on just one style. I have a mixture of tastes and interests in decor: Asian, distressed, mid-century, industrial, and

rustic log wood furniture. Along with multi-colored walls and textures, over the years, every time I see a new style I another creative idea I’d liked to incorporate in my home. It’s been a parallel experience when it comes to my photography. From old school darkroom development of black & white film, to digital processing. With all the completed film techniques created over the years, digital technology has giving everyone the ability to have more control and creativity in an instant. No matter how hard we try to keep to one style every time we learn something new we want to add it to our collection. I’ve worked so hard to learn how to capture a beautifully lit color-balanced clean image, now I find my self enjoying the very things I worked so hard to avoid: those grainy, light-leaked, over or under contrasted, blurry images.

I’m learning there’s something about the mystery of not having the full direct image. It leaves nothing to the imagination to just have a perfect image. Even though I find myself falling more in love with the Grundy art world again, it’s hard for me to let go of the control of still creating perfectly lit and guided images. That’s why I created “Style Sessions”. It allows me to offer my skills of the classic image style. How to best capture the best lighting for those beautiful eyes, or uniquely flattering poses, is something that has taken years to learn. It requires both heart and soul. This is one of my strongest skills, my personal blend of the art and science of photography.

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