Photography by Chalice

Photography by Chalice

Today is a perfect day to start living your dreams. -unknown

I’m a beach chic, blessed to live here on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. I love my awesome family, traveling, creating art, and collecting plants. My passion for photography was inspired by my family. Becoming a mom gave me a new perspective on life. Over the past 18 years, from film to digital, I’ve enjoyed being a part of the cool evolution of photography. I simply love capturing the beauty and happiness I see in this world, and within other people! Satisfied clients bring me smiles… a joyful heart… and goodness into the world. Captured in timeless photographs, to nuture the heart for years to come.


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Pick a Package

Choose your days, how many hours, and how many people you want to be a part of your session. All packages include the image files so you can continue to have options to share and enjoy your experience, for years to come.

Pick a Style

Style Options include: Traditional, Storytelling, Creative or Documentary. You choose what best fits your unique style. No matter which you choose, the final product will reflect the unique “you”.

Pick a location

Do you need help picking out a cool spot to capture your awesome style? Then lets talk and I can help you out with location selection. One of the benefits of  being a citizen in Carteret County is knowing the lay of the land… and some pretty cool spots!

Teens & Talent

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Family Style Options

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Style Options

With 17 years of experience I have added many tools to my photography tool box. Style Options are a great way to categorize the different photo styles I prefer to use. Sometimes the natural bohemian glow is the way to go. At other times, a dramatic flare with a flash may make just the statement you’re looking for! Eclectic is my thing;)

Wedding Style Options

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Photography by Chalice is an eclectic photographer creating timeless and beautiful imagery based in Eastern North Carolina. Photography by Chalice serves: NC Wedding Photographers, Emerald Isle Wedding Photographer, Atlantic Beach Wedding Photographer, New Bern Wedding Photographer, Eastern NC Wedding Photographer, Raleigh Wedding Photographer, Greenville Wedding Photographer, Jacksonville Wedding Photographer, Beaufort Wedding Photographer, Wilmington Wedding Photographer, The Outer Banks Wedding Photographer, and the NC Mountains Wedding Photographer, Destination Wedding Photographer! NC Family Photographers, Emerald family Photographer, Atlantic Beach Family Photographer, New Bern Family Photographer, Eastern NC Family Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Jacksonville Family Photographer, Beaufort Family Photographer, The Outer Banks Family Photographer, Destination Family Photographer! NC Senior Photographers, Emerald Senior Photographer, Atlantic Beach Senior Photographer, New Bern Senior Photographer, Eastern NC Senior Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Jacksonville Senior Photographer, Beaufort Senior Photographer, The Outer Banks Senior Photographer, Destination Senior Photographer! NC Child Photographers, Emerald Child Photographer, Atlantic Beach Child Photographer, New Bern Child Photographer, Eastern NC Child Photographer, Child Photographer, Jacksonville Child Photographer, Beaufort Child Photographer, The Outer Banks Child Photographer! NC Dance Photographers, Emerald Dance Photographer, Atlantic Beach Dance Photographer, New Bern Dance Photographer, Eastern NC Dance Photographer, Dance Photographer, Jacksonville Dance Photographer, Beaufort Dance Photographer, The Outer Banks Dance Photographer!

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